The London street map is engraved on a metal surface: if you follow the gaps and solid surfaces, you might find yourself in an unforgettable place filled with wonderful memories whilst enjoying your warm cup of tea, cosy on your sofa.

This fireplace is inspired by the hillsides and using it evokes the feeling of being on a hillside.

This fireplace is inspired by those natural phenomena that are a source of enormous energy: volcanoes.

The modern and elegant Aurora is inspired by the aurora borealis: the polar lights.

The proposed unit concept aims to display the comic character figures collected by a young man who is interested in these fantastic toys.

Skilfully combination of material and lines which came from nature, simple and stylish but impressive..

The collector structure of the unit is likely an amphitheatre in which you are able to display your best collection.

The elements are designed and implemented for an ornamental conceptional living room.

- © Hasan Agar -