Ovali is a restaurant interior design project located in Umraniye/ Istanbul. It lays on approximately 850 m2 with its cuisine, main dining area, outside sitting spaces, storage and staff rooms.

‘Ovali’ means grassy plain-a flat region in Turkish. The main concept is inspired by ‘Konya Plains’ which are very well-known with their richness in agriculture and abundant soil which provide good grazing for livestock. The plain has all sorts of green in many different shades and it gives indefinite visualization from its variation. The proposed design aim at using all these various green, from soft to vibrant shades combining both rustic and modern materials in the project. It is used on wooden surfaces, such as open kitchen and reception bar in particular. There is timber cladding which is hand-painted in various type of rustic green on these units.

Ovali’s main dish is ‘Etli ekmek’ which means ‘bread with meat’ in Turkish and originated in Konya, Turkey. Etli ekmek is baked in a traditional stone or clay oven with peels. A peel is an ancient baking tool, yet also completely modern. For thousands of years bakers have moved loaves in and out of hot ovens on a long-handled shovel. In an other word ‘baking paddles’ have been used in many different cultures, in many different eras. This ancient baking paddles are minimalized and used as main lightning in the project. Spotlights have been placed on the paddles and these new design lightning are located on all over the sitting areas in an order of two different angles.
The ventilating is wandering around the main dining area ceiling on the first floor between the paddle lightnings in order to keep the area wide and spaicous. It has the same metal colour with the spotlights and all the other lightning elements in the project.

Bricks and stones are the main conceptional cladding materials for the interior walls as it is inspired from the medieval bakers spaces, ovens and tools. There are also very striking elements in this natural look. One of them is using copper in a modern way as ceiling mirrors starting to show thierselves from the staircase. Copper is again an ancient material especially used in bakery and cooking pots and pans. They reflect all the rustic look from the first floor to the ground floor. The second striking part is the lavatory. Modernized ceramics have been chosen which are inspired by copper for the floors and marble effects for the walls. Between of these natural look, the lavatories have the most vibrant red elements for women and the deepest brown elements for men.

Brick is bespoke designed and converted in to a lightning object on the brick cladding walls around the staircase and the restrooms. It has been molded from clay with a hole inside rather than a solid traditional block and then fired in a kiln. The lightning socket is placed inside the hole and used as a decorative purpose.

The logo of Ovali is minimalized in letters and painted in green and used as iron plates for the stair banisters. Same letters are carved on wood and used for the column laths.
The restaurant also has a meeting room for special occasions and events. It has a formal look with black and white oriental wallpaper inspired by handmade tapestry rug motives from the region of Turkey, Konya.

There is also a kid play area with quirky design wood animals, clouds and rainbow hanging around the ceiling and on the walls. The floor has the tatami interlocking mats; thick and soft, non toxic EVA materials is made from robust. It is not only health and safe but also very happy and fun with its lively colour for children.
- © Hasan Agar -